ProfitMax, provider of Lucas Hospitality Solutions, offers Hotels, Resorts, Timeshares, and Spas singular or customized selection
of integrated services maximizing revenue and market positioning consulting and execution.

  • Revenue / Apps

    There are several time points at which a property has maximum opportunity to generate or increase revenue, and...

  • SEO and SEM

    Find your website first on Google for popular keywords. Take advantage of search engine and referral website free...

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital (OnLine) Campaigns are the true democratizing factor in search engine results – no matter how long your...

Our Services

Mark Lucas founded PROFITMAX in 1998. Mark Lucas, principal, is a practical and out-of-the-box researcher and thinker who has notable methodology and conversational qualities. PROFITMAX consulting services have evolved over the years in order to take advantage of emerging (and at times early stage to emerge) revenue and marketing opportunities for our clients. Further, clients are assisted in implementing recommended strategies and action plans. And another benefit….Knowledge-Add consulting that improves the skills and thought processes of client’s managers and associates.

Revenue Enhancement: Revenue Generating Strategies/Action Plans

Consulting in the Hospitality Industry on Revenue Maximization starts with an understanding of entity market positioning, objectives, and overall market conditions. Services include Analysis of property current reservations and historical and future pacing by market segments and sources, and then significant recommendations for RevPar, or similar applicable measures for other sources of revenues, to rise. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge of various sizes and geographies of our clients  around the country and Mexico (specific client information held in confidence).  Actively participate in RevMax and marketing meetings to develop client-specific strategy and action plan recommendations. In addition to driving reservations through your website and GDS, leverage our powerful relationships with key high revenue third party booking engines.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Right place at the right time with the right compelling message.
Conduct and/or provide strategic recommendations for Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns on traditional search engines like Google, and be held accountable based on ROI analysis and results. Services include analyzing property web stats (Google Analytics-GA) and initiating key term discovery software program to identify valuable key terms (keywords and phrases). Further, key campaign strategies and actions encompassing Keywords to bid on, Keywords to not be searchable (called Negative Keywords), Keywords to not be searchable that are too expensive for potential clicks to conversions (booked reservations), Exact Match Keywords and other tools to optimize PPC, and Optimized Keyword Ads that tie to keywords and the property’s marketing efforts.
Conduct and/or provide strategic recommendations for Display and Text Advertising, i.e. Facebook (FB), Google Display Network (GDN) and your website Re-marketing. Develop analysis and action plans that include: Creative ads, choice of four fee structures, historical market and entity bookings for the medium being considered, campaign market intelligence deck, past performance case studies if available, where ad(s) display and potential conflicts, any commissions to be paid, and potential ROI.                   

ROI accountability: ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) analysis and results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing),
SM (Social Media)

SEO services include (we are both marketers and techys): Analyze property web stats (Google analytics) to identify valuable key terms (keywords and phrases) for SERP (search engine results page) and key metrics such as Bounce Rate and Exit % and several others, Be aware and take advantage of Google’s occasional significant changes to indexing and Search Engines and Facebook’s Personalized Search, Recommend significant and very important changes to content on Home page and all key navigation bar pages, Recommend utilization of important properly positioned back links, and Analyze website for technical issues that would restrict search engine robots scan and indexing of sites and take corrective action.

Old SEO: How do we rank for this Query? New SEO: How do we best answer the Query including Semantic (rich content, social, reviews, keywords, incoming links, etc.) search?

Execute changes to SEO HTML Title (both in keywords and critical strategic placement) for Home and key navigation bar pages. Execute changes to HTML Description (visible on main search page above your URL listing) to Home and key navigation bar pages for SEO and market positioning reasons.

Social Media (SM) has exploded recently in popularity and entities not only must have a presence to support their brand, but also to actively engage to drive  engagement and commerce. Our overriding philosophy: Must not be overly time-consuming for smaller entities, trusted engagements across all SM platforms, rapidly expand reach, and drive Commerce. Our services include: Recommendations and/or execution to set up listings (including search placement technology and entity descriptions, amenities, and photos) on SM platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube, and Urbanspoon; Multiple post recommendations that are trusted & inspiring, story telling (purposeful and experiential) and create engagements, including encouraging meaningful engagements amongst our likes, followers & their friends; Create “ahha!” moments; and Compel-Inspire action by guests/customers and potentials, including friends of followers & fans. Create memories for life…Wallets will follow (Commerce)!

Hosting, Site Maintenance, and Custom Programming

PROFITMAX hosts and provides maintenance services for many of our current clients, and also performs complete new site design and existing site rebuilds (both code and designs). PROFITMAX does services such as these in order to ensure the highest standards are met and all site elements, designs, and text integrates properly with all Revenue Enhancement efforts.
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